Programming applications for industrial purposes

Our experienced team of programmers is able to produce data processing systems for the most popular operating systems, i.e., Windows, Android or IOS. We are guided by proven and most effective software methods.


Long-term presence on the market has allowed us to create, in addition to applications for visualization and data processing, auxiliary tools such as our own implementation of the Modbus TCP data transmission protocol or unique solutions such as PLC&SQL™  ̶  applications to connect data streams flowing between industrial databases.

Aiming at comprehensive and consistent Customer service, we develop solutions to integrate data with SAP/ERP quality control systems. In the Customer's automation system database and production systems we record the operating parameters of the installation, such as failures and their impact on production, legally required data, e.g. temperature of cooling chambers or critical point pressures, which have a long-term impact on the operation of the production plant. We also offer complete systems of distributing information to individual subdivisions of our Clients' factories. They take into account the schedule/calendar of changes in the factory service departments. Such solutions relieve valuable managerial human resources in our Customers' companies.

What distinguishes us from our competitors and what is our trademark is the use of the latest technologies in industrial refrigeration  ̶  "deep mind" technologies. In large and complex refrigeration installations, artificial intelligence is able to detect various anomalies in functioning of equipment and its operating parameters much earlier than operating personnel. This is due to the complexity of links between many individual operating parameters, which may escape our human perception. In this way, systems are able to anticipate various types of failure well in advance, giving a valuable time margin for corrective action by repair personnel. Fewer failures and more time to remove them are elements that cannot be overestimated in the operation of complex production systems that use heat or cooling energy.