Programming of industrial controllers and auxiliary control systems

We offer our Customers an effective response to their problems in terms of effective redistribution of cooling energy. We manufacture and install the entire spectrum of software solutions necessary for the complete operation of a refrigeration installation: from basic control systems for not related refrigeration surfaces to highly specialized control systems based on fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence for big plants with complex refrigeration systems. We program them based on PLC controllers and computers equipped with AI. Knowing deeply the architecture of control systems, we are able to implement new ones and develop existing programs without fear of undesirable changes in the functioning of the refrigeration installation.

Obviously, we also program user interfaces and data adquisition systems using various HMI/SCADA systems of the most popular brands, i.e., Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schenider Electric, Omron, InTouch and Wonderware. Many years of professional experience in programming allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge about functionality and limitations of these systems. From the very beginning ergonomics has been our top priority. We develop mainly new automation systems based on our own refSYS™ framework for PLCs.

Visualisation systems are tailored to the interpretation needs of the personnel. Depending on the user's needs, the appropriate interface is displayed (e.g. different for the personnel operating the cooling chamber, different for technical personnel responsible for trouble-free operation of the machine room). We also offer notification systems (SMS, email or SQL) adapted to small installations or small control points, as well as complex production systems. After analysing the necessary data, we send out information about the current state of the installation and related risks.


Control of compression systems

Many years of experience have allowed us to create effective compressor control systems for the world's best known brands, such as Mycom, Howden, Gram, Bitzer and Vilter. Our systems are able to control the operation of these devices more effectively. This is due to their native integration with the heat exchange systems of the cooling system in a production plant. They successfully replace native controllers, for example those by MyPro or Unisab. Their integration into the central control system of the refrigeration installation eliminates faults related to interruptions and errors in the exchange of information between the distributed controllers and control system. Thanks to this, we have found a solution that is both more cost effective and energy efficient.

Control of pump groups

Developed by our automation engineers, the algorithms to control the ammonia or glycol pumping units guarantee an optimal flow of the refrigerant to the equipment supplied by it. Thanks to the solutions in this area, we achieve an energy gain, which additionally lowers the operating costs of an installation. We ensure less frequent replacement of pump components and offer intelligent notification systems related to the control of wear and tear of pump components.

Control of condensation and evaporation processes

Many years of experience in the automation of evaporation processes have allowed us to develop optimal solutions for the control of thermal exchange processes between evaporators and their environment (air, glycol, temper, etc.). The more evaporators work in a closed circuit, the greater energy efficiency of our unique solutions in this area. They operate on the basis of fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence which provide incomparably higher energy efficiency than standard solutions available on the market.

Many of our implementations have found practical application in the form of heat exchangers, tunnels and cooling chambers and meat dryers or for thermal treatment of the most demanding products (e.g. special adhesives used in the aviation industry, soft-ripened cheeses or cold cuts). This is a confirmed guarantee of the effectiveness of production chain by End Customers.

Our precise, technologically advanced condensing systems of the latest generation based on air, adiabatic or evaporative condensing and cooling towers ensure efficiency, and their effective operation is controlled by an energy optimization system that significantly reduces energy costs. Regardless the type of refrigerant – HCFC, NH3 or CO2 – we always take care of its most efficient use in the installation.