Programming of industrial controllers and control systems

We offer our Customers an effective response to their problems in terms of effective redistribution of cooling capacity. We manufacture and install the entire spectrum of software solutions necessary for the complete operation of a refrigeration installation: from simple control systems for refrigeration surfaces to highly specialized control systems based on fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence.

We program HMI/SCADA controllers and systems for the platforms of the most popular brands, i.e.: HMI/SCADA: Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schenider Electric, Omron, InTouch and Wonderware. Many years of professional experience in their programming allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge about their functionality and limitations. From the very beginning, ergonomics has been our top priority. We are mainly developing new automation systems based on our own refSYS™ framework for PLCs. We are observing the development of programs from other suppliers. Knowing the architecture of the PLCs, we are able to develop existing programs without fear of undesirable changes in the functioning of the existing refrigeration plant.

Visualisation systems (HMI, SCADA) are tailored to the interpretation needs of the personnel. Depending on the user's needs, the appropriate interface is displayed (e.g. different for the personnel operating the cooling chamber, different for technical personnel responsible for trouble-free operation of the machine room). We also offer notification systems (SMS, e-mail or SQL) adapted to small installations or small control points, as well as complex production systems. After analysing the necessary data, we send out information about the current state of the installation and the resulting risks.